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Name: Luigi Chisenga
DOB: ??/??/1996
Ethnicity: Tumbuka/Toccolan
Favourite food: Goofy gas
Favourite band: Metallica
Heaven or hell preference: Earth
Mental illness: Bipolar

Teether is a miracle of human achievement. Born in a Ferrari in so-called Carlton, he had no choice but to live life in the fast lane. Every day is a gift, remember you were brought here for a reason. Teether has to play music to keep the community safe, nourished and happy. “It’s tough work but there’s nothing I’d rather do.” Think about those powerful words…

He began his Musical journey with a metal band called Eritherium which lasted from 2011 to 2016. This project crumbled under the weight of controversy and drama, much to the dismay of music lovers everywhere. “Success is the biggest devil known to man”, is what Kuya Neil had to say about the situation, having studied alongside Teether during one of those years “I witnessed such pain and tragedy unfold.” That same year, Teether formed Too Birds with Realname and Mr. Society and released a handful of since-deleted projects. “Hehe!” he giggled from the tower… Too Birds became really loud and don’t know what to do with all the money from being the only band to play Packed shows throughout the pandemic. Suggestions?

After exchanging files during the 2020 Melbourne lockdown, Teether & Kuya Neil joined forces in the flesh, making such hits as “Time Travel” and “Metropolitan City Area Development Sucks!” before releasing GOD OF SURPRISES on X Amount Records at the start of 2021. GLYPH, their debut release with Chapter Music, is the brand new and improved version of the Golden Boys who were always meant to forge a path forward toward world peace.

Check out his solo projects HERE


Name: Neil Cabatingan
DOB: ??/??/1992
Ethnicity: Azn
Favourite food: Chicken
Favourite band: Teether & Kuya Neil
Heaven or hell preference: Heaven
Mental illness: Producer

KuYa NeiL iS a FiL0 BeAtMak3R. hE wAs bOrN iN cLayT0n buT greW up iN HaStiNgs (3915). hE stArted plaYing GuiTar aT 13 and FeLl iN lOve with mUsic iN hiS TeEnS , pLaYiNg iN bAnDz….he DeCidEd 2 gO SoLo aNd fOund hiS oWn StyLe maKing mUsic oN dA CoMpuTer (AbLeT0n) wHen hE mOved to NaRRm (mElboUrne).

nEiL hAs rEleAseD FoOtWoRk mUsic aS YuMG0D aNd wAs tHe PrOduCer oF sHoRt LiVeD RaP gRouP fAnAu SpA fRoM AoEtAr0A (NU ZeALAnD). hE hAs sUm rElEaSeS oN bAnDcAmP 2….

NeiL iS a HoBbY ViSuAL ArTiST aNd LiKeS mAkInG gRaPhiCs oN tHe CoMpuTeR!

Check out his solo projects HERE

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